DAY 2: Not every campaign ad went so well for Bobby!

Although Bobby was passionate about his causes and issues, he wasn’t always best on camera. He preferred to speak to people in person about his passions. Watch some of these outtakes from his first ad for his NY senatorial campaign in 1964.


Television campaign ads have very popular, ever since television has been available to the masses.  President Franklin Roosevelt was well-known for his “Fireside Chat” series but even those weren’t as powerful as the visual communication that television provides.  RFK had a catchy jingle created for his campaign for Senate, similar to the one used for JFK’s 1960 Presidential campaign.  It’s performed by  Mitch Miller and the Gang, a popular conductor on television in the 1950s and early 1960s.  He was also a New York state native, born in Rochester and educated at the Eastman School of Music.

Of course, as television ads became more popular, they were used to convey more information opposed to just get a jingle stuck in your head.  Here current President Lydon Johnson endorses Bobby Kennedy for New York Senate, which he won, beating out Republican incumbent Kenneth Keating.