Day 6: Bobby fought against organized crime for all of his career

In 1963 Bobby supported Arkansas Senator John L. McClellan when he initiated the Valachi hearings, a firsthand account of Mafia activities in the United States. Valachi, a low-ranking member of the New York-based Genovese crime family, was the first ever government witness coming from the American Mafia itself. Bobby fully supported this investigation, informally known as “RFK’s war on the Mafia.” But a month later President Kennedy’s assassination too the steam of the movement.

Here is a video form when he was Attorney General and still working on the Valachi Hearings.

However, in 1968 Congress eventually passed two new laws to strengthen federal racketeering and gambling statutes, much of it due to Bobby’s urging.  Unfortunately, much like his older brother, Bobby did not live to see the effects of these laws he worked nearly 2 decades to get passed as he was assassinated right after they made their way through Congress.

50 years ago today, he died from an assassin’s bullet merely days after these laws were passed.