Day 7: Bobby understood the military from serving as all of his brothers did

The day that Robert Kennedy was assassinated was, June 6, 1968, was also the 24th anniversary of allied invasion of Normandy of World War II, often referred to as D-Day.

RFK V-12 Navy College training
In 1944, RFK joined the V-12 Navy College Training Program at Harvard. After serving, he was honorably discharged on May 30, 1946.
JFK and Joe Jr in uniform
Lieutenant John F. Kennedy and Ensign Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., circa May, 1942.


Yesterday was a meaningful, yet sad day for me, one of full of introspection but also hope.  Bobby was extremely proud of his military service, and that of his brothers.


Today marks  the largest seaborne invasion in history.  When we remember D-Day, we must remember everyone who has sacrificed all they had for our country. Bobby fought in World War II abroad a destroyer bearing his oldest brother’s name. But his final campaign centered on the war in Vietnam.


In this phone conversation from March 28, 1964, he speaks to President Johnson as Attorney General, recommending a less hawkish approach to handling the conflict in Vietnam.